What’s In A Standard? 

Well a lot in fact. Standards are songs that have proven to be ever malleable, soft yet durable, and pleasing as well. Last Saturday I played the Bab-Ilo in Paris (one of my favourite jazz clubs),  with a programme of “ standards.” I decided to emphasise that fact in my publicity simply because recently one of my students asked me “do you ever do just songs? I would love to hear you sing songs.” By “just songs” she really meant, straight, unbent, as written. I tried, as I always have, to explain to her that I am a jazz musician, and that she is indeed a student of a Jazz musician! Hum?

She of course came to the concert, and enjoyed the deconstructed and reconstructed standards on offer, and little by little she begins to not only understand, but also to appreciate the beauty of improvised music, and even eventually to enjoy doing it herself. 

The wonder of creating is for everyone.

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