Light Dance

Light is a wonderful thing. Like sound it sometimes plays tricks on us. What we think we see, what we are sure is before our eyes, turns out to be something else. Be sure to gently focus because you just might be pleasantly surprised by the vision before you. But be careful not to force, your pre-judgement could just get in the way!

It seemed 
That I 
Had been this way before.
The road 
I walked
Was oh so familiar.
Each rock, crevice, the growths between
Bushes so green, dangers unseen
Snake in that grass, ever changing
Chameleon, bugs that bothered darkness
That smothered the light wanting to brighten
My way,
An uncanny likeness to somewhere
I’d been before.
It seemed
The way
Held old familiar signs,
Of time
A memory ago.
The colours of leaves, the branches
Willow bent, overgrown grass, sounds
In the night, a day without end
Meeting darkness again, yellows
Tarnished Greens, faded blues, fuchsias and browns,
Jaded earth hues, oh, oh, oh, could it be I’d
Been here before?
But No!  I see it’s Just
The trembling light
Reminding me of where
I used to be,
Lest I forget to rejoice,
Lest I fail to give voice
To the Angel in me 
And the Beauty of you.

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